Lavan's services build customers trust by focusing on the value that will bring to customers the following:

1. Optimizing costs

  • By establishing a comprehensive system combining many solutions in one service, it reduces the initial investment costs for customers from 30 ~ 50%
  • Always commiting to the effectiveness with the value brought many times higher than the investment costs through KPI for each project
  • Applying risk and benefit control method to set up the simplest control system but still strictly controlling the reduction of up to 30% of procedures and processes
  • Service costs are always 20 ~ 30% more competitive than competitors’ thanks to streamlined management and technology application

2. Unique and synchronization systems

  • Each system is set up separately for each enterprise according to its strategy and actual operating conditions
  • A system is set up synchronously for all the functions of the corporate governance
  • Set up by the right method from the beginning so that the business can operate and maintain by itself

3. Automatic operation

  • Applying modern management methods to the functional departments to control and promote each other
  • Reporting system and database are set up in the direction to apply Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)