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Mechanical industry has always been one of the key sectors for global development, the industry is growing throughout worldwide.  the mechanical industry must always develop product to meet the needs of the world, from a simple product such as bike bolts, to a detailed car component, to a nuclear plant reactor, the structural components of an aircraft, spacecraft ... the quality requires has been more rigorous and with a lower cost.


In this fast-growing dynamic market, mechanical- electrical company are being challenged, by:

  • The increase in global competition
  • The demand for product quality is increasing
  • Source of products from around the world
  • Costs are increasing

Due to these huge challenges, most enterprises electrical mechanical industry have set up their own quality control systems to help control the quality of input materials, control the quality of finished products, and ensuring products delivered to customers meet the quality requirements with a lowest cost and small amount of resources.

Quality control system

For businesses in the mechanical - electrical industry product quality is always a top priority. When customers believe in you, the quality of the products you provide need to meet their requirement. they will always be coming back to use service. However, good quality need controlling, paying attention to the smallest details and is very difficult to control effectively without the quality control system. The quality control system was born to help you do that.

What is the quality control system?

Quality control system is part of quality management focused on meeting quality requirements, ensuring that product quality requirements will be met. Quality control is to control the process that create products or services through controlling factors such as people, machines, materials, methods, information and work environments

Raw material factor is the main input factor, which mainly affects quality product. For quality product the input materials must be meet the quality requirement. Equipment and technology factors are important factors, especially they are affecting product formation. The human element here, including all human resources in an organization from top management to employees, is involved in the quality creation process. However, here the emphasis is on the role of the leaders and the heads of departments, the departments who are mainly responsible for controlling product and service quality.

Basic requirements to control the quality of enterprises in the mechanical industry

  • Meet the standard to control the optimize of cost and time inspection
  • Consistent with the requirements of each customer
  • Consistent with the capacity of the business
  • These standards are unified and synchronous between the Purchase - Design - Manufacturing - Installation process.