Like other start up businessman, they started to do business with a love and passion for their products, including CEO & Founder of Lavan. Beginning from technical person, who experienced many main key positions for quality assurance of business such as design engineer, quality manager and director of quality business of private enterprise (Hoang Lam Co., Ltd) and a multinational corporation (Toyo Vietnam Co., Ltd). To illustrate, he helped these businesses to have a greater management, training systems and quality services. To be successful, two words “Quality” is not only a responsibility but also a mission in his career as well Lavan.

Beside the above factors is the positive impact by the useful lessons. For example, with a story of America in the past, a statistic shows that American millionaires are mostly middle aged ladies, which is surprising because most business owners are men. Additionally, the results show that over 70% of ladies become millionaires for the following reason:

  • Inheritable money from the deceased businessman’s husband
  • Benefits from the property division after divorce with previous business husband

Next, He attended a conference in 2017 where he knew a famous business owner in the field of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E). With a turnover of approximately 20 million USD/year but he eventually sold his business to return for ensuring health and maintaining happiness. The main reasons for that heartbreaking story are:

  • The risk of family breakdown because not enough time to take care the family.
  • Health deterioration due to too much work
  • Work pressure of leadership
  • Too much works are almost out of control of the company

These issues made him stress to address the gaps in the provision of business management and operations. In the same situation of Vietnam market, there are a lot of successful business owners nowadays, they are seemly busy, health risks and heartbreak. He wondered that what is the best solution for business to maintain sustainable success?

With the desire to answer this question and confidence after executing project of upgrade the first system with unexpected success, he decided to establish Lavan Trading Co, Ltd. Moreover, the mission of Lavan is “Providing management solutions to sustainably successful business”. Finally, Lavan can help many business to more successful and happier.