support systems and programs

To support the system's construction and operation, they provide the following or separate services:

1. Evaluating and diagnosing the system

  • Assessing the entire existing system
  • Presenting status reports and propose implementation programs

2. Training to change mindsets, perceptions and standards

  • Quality awareness and quality system thinking
  • System approach and operation
  • Guidance on the application of procedures
  • Requirements for ISO: 9001
  • Methods of internal evaluation

3. Practice guides (workshops)

  • System evaluation and diagnosis
  • Establishing organizational structure, functions and duties
  • Reviewing strategies and set company goals
  • Establishing KPI measurement system according to goals

4. Quality control training programs

  • Establishing an inspection and acceptance plan for the project
  • Setting up and select welding processes, welder certification for the project
  • Visual Method of visual inspection
  • Requirements and methods of testing raw materials
  • Progress inspection method

5. New setup and maintenance of systems

  • Establishing an occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45000
  • Setting up an environmental management system according to ISO 14000
  • Maintaining and upgrading all three system: ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45000