Why must set up a Quality Management System from the beginning?

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As you know, the quality management system is an indispensable tool for every enterprise to help control activities and promote sustainable grow up, But how do enterprise have a right quality management system to operate efficiently? It is a very difficult problem that most enterprise encounter, especially enterprise operating in the field of Mechanical - Electrical.

During the time of working and approaching the system of enterprises in this field, we found that all most company made the same mistakes when setting up and operating the quality management system, and this is also the reason for the ineffective operation system. This issue is presented in great detail by the author in the Manual "Establishing and operating the quality management system", the following is a summary and outline how to set up a right system to effectively operate as manual presented, the quality must be think correctly to do it right at first time.


How to understand correctly?

To get the right awareness, the simplest and fastest way is to train all employees to eliminate misperceptions and help them understand in a consistent and proper way of quality and system to creating a positive motivation for the access and operation of the system, the training content will include the following:

  • Understand the quality
  • Understand the quality management system
  • Understand the benefits of the system for businesses and each member
  • Understand the 4 processes of the system: Setting up - Operating - Measuring - Adjusting (PDCA)
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of each member in the enterprise to the system


Make the right plan for establish the system (Plan)

After we are trained to understand correctly then right planning is needed, right planning is not about making a plan based on what I think of myself, but based on the actual conditions of the company, specifically, we must know all the following information before planning the system for the system:

  • The problems are encountered by the current system
  • Business development strategy in the coming time
  • Enterprise expectations and system assignments are about to be established
  • Status of interrelated components, support of the system


When the above requirements are clear, the planning of the construction of the quality management system will be conducted but must meet the following requirements and must also be arranged in a proper sequence:

  • Risk control plan
  • Planning system to set up support tools to operate the system
  • Plan for setting up the document system
  • Training Plan
  • Operation plan, monitoring and adjustment


Set up and operate the system properly (Do)

Normally, the establishment and operation of the system will follow the plan that has been implemented but also need to monitor and adjust to suit the reality, it is necessary to review and adjust the plan without the process after:

  • After clearly defining the strategy, objectives and requirements, the establishment of system structures and functions must be done first.
  • The list of documents must be scientifically completed before compiling documents
  • The synchronous review before issuing
  • A formal training plan is established and implemented after the issuance of the document system


Monitor and measure correctly (Check)

In order to properly implement this, it is necessary to determine the most appropriate factors to measure the system as below and it is necessary to clearly define the responsibilities of each member in monitoring and measuring:

  • Internal auditing
  • Goal, KPI
  • Periodic reporting systems
  • The nonconformity, the product is not suitable
  • Customer complaints & customer satisfaction
  • Operating costs ...


Improved and properly adjusted (Action)

This is the most important work to make the system work better and better, but most businesses do not care much, data for analysis to improve will come from the following sources:

  • Nonconformity report
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction report
  • Report of operating costs, risk costs
  • KPI & objective report
  • Internal auditing report
  • Management review report ...

In addition, the improvement must also take into account the priority and density that affect the system but consider the priority