Lavan Trading Co., Ltd. (Lavan) was established under the business registration license No. 0314799182 licensed by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment in 2017.

We are the first Vietnamese enterprise to provide a comprehensive solution for establishing and operating a quality management system with a commitment to bring efficiency to businesses in the field of Mechanical - Electrical through measurement with KPI to evaluate the effectiveness of the system.

With a team of experienced professionals in the field of Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of Mechanical - Electrical, we understand the requirements and expectations of customers, so our services is companion with customers, copper committing with customers and committing to meet the highest requirements of customers such as:

  • Increase employee satisfaction with the system
  • Stability of personnel during operation
  • Stability in product and service quality
  • Reduce operating costs, error costs to maximize profits
  • Thoroughly resolving internal conflicts within the organization
  • The system reports promptly and accurately
  • The system is consistent with the development strategy
  • Enough database system to apply ERP
  • Promote business goals ...

In order to set up and upgrade an effective quality management system, we combine many tools and solutions based on the following principles and platforms:

  • Based on the foundation of ISO 9001 combined with many innovative tools such as Kaizen, Lean, 6 Sigma, 5S ... are applied professionally throughout the process from evaluation and programming, setting up transportation. System administration, monitoring and inspection to improve and adjust assessments.
  • Based on Oriental humanistic management philosophy such as Japan, Korea Combined with the management philosophy of competence and results of the US and the West to create a harmonized system but still the measurement results is to promote Enterprise development.
  • The system set up must meet the following four criteria: The simplest is - The strictest control - The optimal operating cost - Having enough databases to apply automated business management software (ERP ).
  • The system is set up based on the current foundation to make the most of the inherent strengths while addressing internal contradictions and developing synchronously to match the development strategy of the Enterprise.

With these solutions and strengths along with clear policies and strategies, we believe that our service always meets the highest requirements of the most demanding customers to promote industrial development