support systems and programs

The quality management system is not only a document system, but also a combination of many components and systems that directly and indirectly affect the quality management system such as:

  • Strategies, goals and KPIs
  • Organizational structure & authority
  • People and human resource management system
  • Financial management system
  • Database and reporting system ...

And these are also factors that determine the success or failure of a system, because of understanding the basic principles and the key to operating an effective quality management system, Lavan offers services, chapters. submit it in the process of building the system and it can also go separately according to each specific cycle.

1. Evaluate and diagnose the system

  • Evaluate the entire existing system
  • Present status report and propose implementation program

2. Training program to change thinking, awareness and standards

  • Quality awareness and quality system thinking
  • Approach and operation system
  • Guidance on the application of processes
  • ISO: 9001 requirements
  • Internal assessment method

3. Program instructions (workshops)

  • Evaluate and diagnose the system
  • Establishing organizational structure, functions and tasks
  • Review strategies and set company goals
  • Set up KPI measurement system according to the target

4. Quality control training programs

  • Establish a test and acceptance plan for the project
  • Set up and select welding process, welders certificate for the project
  • Visual inspection method (visual)
  • Requirements and methods for testing materials
  • Methods of testing according to the steps and making inspection minutes